Carsharing, preferably electric, is an important measure for local and global environment protection.




Electric scooters are growing in popularity! They have been standing and riding around town for some time. Simply register via app, navigate intuitively and enjoy dolce vita on the street!


Since Berlin's coverage of station-based and free-floating bicycle sharing has been significantly increased, many tourists and locals spontaneously use this classic of individual transport.


Meanwhile, some neighbors have already had good experiences with LARS, the electric cargo bike.

It can transport 2-4 children as well as dogs with a maximum load up of 100 kg. Rent it now through our agent Michael Kujawski: +49 (0)176 96869157


Whether it is Segways, which fly across town stabilized as if by magic, or innovative transport concepts for the urban man of today and tomorrow - engineers' imagination seems to know no limits! In the project NEUE MOBILITÄT BERLIN, you have the chance to get to know the developers personally.