The Mierendorff-ISLAND and Klausenerplatz-Kiez are the first urban areas in Berlin, where parking space conversion is to be tested for multimodal mobility without own cars.

The model project New Mobility Berlin (NMB) wants to involve all the actors on the ground and is promoting the development of a future-oriented mobility concept.

Efficiency accelerator for all mobility drivers!

The NMB sees itself as an open platform to realize the objectives of the project together with interested local and regional partners.

If successful, the initiators, in consultation with the district office of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, want to involve other district quarters in their activities.
This approach of sustainable urban mobility can contribute from the stakeholders' point of view to the support of Berlin's energy and climate protection targets.

The first insights on the needs of the residents showed a survey on the Mierendorff-ISLAND and in the Klausenerplatz-Kiez, with which the individual mobility behaviour was questioned.

Make room for new things!

In this project, the road to more mobility selection leads to the creation of open space - by residents who want to deregister their car and instead use a highly available mix of car sharing, bicycles, pedelecs, etc.

This way the multimodal car-sharer get in front of their door into an available vehicle of their choice and in best case scenario put it also back there again.
Your "approved parking lot" can also be used for other purposes to increase the quality of the stay in the neighbourhood.

Recent studies by the cities of Munich and Vienna on urban car sharing offers show a clear reduction in the number of cars and the number of kilometres driven by the car:
A car sharing vehicle replaces up to 6 private cars!

Use public transport more flexibly
Parking spaces thus saved offer space for visions of a shared road landscape. In a city that is growing continuously, is being compacted and urgently needs to find concepts for maintaining and improving our quality of life.

Picture source arial photo: Fis-Broker 2017, DOP20RGB