From August 28 to September 10, 2016, alternative uses of public space and different mobility offers were put in place in the pilot neighbourhoods Mierendorff-ISLAND and Klausenerplatz-Kiez to provide more quality of life to residents.

We would like to thank the car owners, who were ready to park their car for the duration of the action weeks at a location within reach of increased efforts to them.

In this way, they created space for the temporary conversion of the parking areas, without any parking spaces being dropped or additional parking pressure being created in the neighbourhood. More importantly, they let themselves in for trying their own mobility for two weeks without their own car.
There were two parking spaces for car sharing per model area, to ensure the availability of automobiles for the ones who moved their vehicle to a different parking space.

In addition, the action weeks had been prepared in both neighbourhoods by local residents and entrepreneurs in three public meetings. Ideas for improving mobility and urban life have been developed and implemented, when in accordance with the rules governing the use of public space.












"We were able to show the citizens what other kinds of mobility there are by now."

- Birger Prüter, Climate Protection Management Klausenerplatz-Kiez

Discover the details of the NMB Action Week 2016

Action weeks Mierendorff-ISLAND + Klausenerplatz-Kiez

Since the 28th of August, you have been able to familiarize yourself with the advantages of car and bike sharing on the Mierendorff-ISLAND in Tauroggener Strasse and in the Klausenerplatz-Kiez on the square Horstweg / Wundtstrasse, as well as learn about the results achieved so far.


You have been showed how to reserve, unlock and return a car sharing vehicle.
Many people took advantage of the opportunities to get familiar with the special features of electric cars in the car sharing fleet.

The Call a Bike station of the Deutsche Bahn, which was placed on the temporarily restricted areas during the action weeks in the Klausenerplatz-Kiez, brought further alternative possibilities of the movement into the view. This way we complied with the desire of those who are looking for a simple, flexible form of mobility.

During the first action week the “Bring-Your-Pillow-Lounges” were created in Mindener Strasse and on the square Horstweg / Wundtstrasse. From pallets as a foundation, we built a space that would allow you to linger, get in touch with each other, invite and get to know each other. This supportively interacting, predominantly native flowers and grasses were used for planting. Plant tubs and the free spaces in the vertical placed pallets offered enough room for this purpose.

Our schedule for the Mierendorff-ISLAND and Klausenerplatz-Kiez showed what to expect in the lounges and on the other areas.

On the Mierendorff-ISLAND, for example, you were able to enjoy the “Lachen statt Fernsehen” -festival 2016 every night from 7 to 9 pm.
Well-known and unknown Berlin artists presented self-written music and texts.

In the Klausenerplatz-Kiez you were able, among other things, to find out about the available options for the elections to the House of Representatives of Berlin and to the City District Council Assembly on the 18th of September 2016 during a politician meeting in Berlin on Wednesday, September 7.


Whether film, live music or a gramophone concert – we had put together attractive points for you and were also open to spontaneous performances or offers from you.

Thank you for your fantastic contributions!

On the central weekend in the action weeks we organized an explicit mobility day in each of the two model areas. Further information in the article: “Mobile ideas for a society in transition”